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Joel Philip
Joel Philip Today, 17:18
My favorite fight in the UFC
Dannie Laird
Dannie Laird Today, 16:55
Mystic Mac!!!
Enemy Inside
Enemy Inside Today, 16:53
Mcgregors 10 times tougher than Diaz. Its just a fact, only Americans dispute
Justin 1
Justin 1 Today, 16:50
Joe channeling his inner DJ Khalid during this fight
Александр Таранов
Александр Таранов Today, 16:30
мага исмаилов порвёт их двоих!
Vonz Rebenito
Vonz Rebenito Today, 16:28
Itong Nate Diaz tuwing Laban dinuguan ang Labas my mukha.
Paolo Abbenda
Paolo Abbenda Today, 16:09
nate the goat
ViP TEkaShi69
ViP TEkaShi69 Today, 16:01
Diaz and blood, perfect style
Jack Lamata
Jack Lamata Today, 15:49
I’m a fan both of them! But for all those who say that Diaz won that fight, I say them to watch closer that fight! Conor put him down once in the first round and twice in the second round! That means 10-8 and 10-7 round win! Diaz won clearly the third round and maybe, maybe the fifth round! I’m not so sure about the last round but let’s say he won that round! Even so he had not enough points to win the fight! It’s just facts and reality! Cheers
Helmut Cohen
Helmut Cohen Today, 15:15
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher Today, 15:08
Nate diaz is stupid he would still fight even if his head would fell off..
VITE VITEVITE Today, 15:07
je veux pas regarder ça fait mal lol
Justin Juarez
Justin Juarez Today, 14:47
Nate won this fight
RON Burgundy
RON Burgundy Today, 14:03
Goddamn that was bloody
Zm Goofnut
Zm Goofnut Today, 13:51
Diaz got weird poster
Lol Lol
Lol Lol Today, 13:48
round 1 Conor Round 2 Diaz barely Round 3 Diaz Round 4 Conor Round 5 Diaz Who agrees .?👇👇
Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros Today, 13:17
Diaz was the real winner
crveno brdo
crveno brdo Today, 12:58
HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA Conor got beat up period.
crveno brdo
crveno brdo Today, 12:51
kakva prjevara očigledno se u kanti s vodom krije neka kemija u vodi jer se conor vrača poslije te kapljice vode kao zmaj na početak nove runde prevara ,netko ko voli taj biznis ne može dozvoliti da ga netko toliko iznabija i posrami mu duh tj slomi conorov duh.....prevara
Løng Phåm
Løng Phåm Today, 12:48
Nate: dude, stop kicking my legConor: stop bleeding on me then
Kirill Olaskov v2.0
Kirill Olaskov v2.0 Today, 12:45
Future Prediction
Future Prediction Today, 12:31
Who’s here after Conor called out Nate for round 3?
Jorge Today, 12:25
24:13 Nate diaz bleeding uncontrollably Nate Diaz Trainer: "you are doing amazing Nate!" LOL he needs to be fired
Ayre Fik60
Ayre Fik60 Today, 12:16
Who do you guys see winning between Conor McGregor & Jorge Masvidal and how? 👇🏾
Itz Bearr
Itz Bearr Today, 12:03
Nate is a straight bitch tbh
THE Today, 11:47
If I was the one fighting on the 5th round in this grueling of a match, I would've been thinking the whole, "what the hell am I fighting for".
Juancholoco Today, 11:29
Those two guys are freaking good. But man, their hearts. I box 3 3min rounds and im dead. Cant imagine 5 5min
charlidog2 Today, 11:10
Interesting they put ice on chest and back. FLiR on a cyclist showed almost all heat goes to the arms to dissipate. Thunderf00t made a video of it.
Vicente Peralta
Vicente Peralta Today, 11:00
Really? I see hem lose😲
lidiya ponomareva
lidiya ponomareva Today, 10:31
Cancer can you call my parents my phone won't charge I dont remember the home phone .
Kyle Estment
Kyle Estment Today, 10:20
Number 3 would be fun
Black Angel
Black Angel Today, 10:15
UFC 246Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone
Darius Today, 10:10
Honestly i scored that in favor of diaz
Yunus Yavuzyasar
Yunus Yavuzyasar Today, 09:27
I think Conor McGregor vs Jorge Masvidal would be interesting
Forty Ball
Forty Ball Today, 09:14
Man I forgot how much blood was in this fight! Two warriors and legends of the sport!
Jonn Ian Respuesto
Jonn Ian Respuesto Today, 09:14
Is Diaz somewhat related to James Harden? Coz he dont play defense. Lol
Briathos1 Today, 08:55
Nate Diaz is a tool
Владимир Непутин
Владимир Непутин Today, 08:46
Макгрегор красава ..вот он держит удар !! молодца! оба кросы ! уважуха! Ну пора останавливать бой ..это бойня.. это не спорт а бойня...сука деньги решают все , промоутерам плевать на спортсменов.
HEAVEN SHAKER Today, 08:26
10:43 "big combination" 🤔
Kevin Wakli Fitness
Kevin Wakli Fitness Today, 08:10
But I'm the Bad Ass Here😊
Justin Holiday
Justin Holiday Today, 08:02
Surprise surprise muda fooka, tha king is back🤘🏼
Jayson Jaldo
Jayson Jaldo Today, 07:53
Ang tagal ng loading pa ednis na muna
john.doe Today, 07:39
For all the people that think Cowboy took a dive for Conor...go watch Nate beat up Cowboy.Conor is legit.
Shantel Fullerton
Shantel Fullerton Today, 06:39
Take subscription on ScreenVariety Tv for $few/yearly if you want to watch games HD.
Mike Johnston
Mike Johnston Today, 06:28
Nate Diaz is as good or better than Conner Mcgregor. For sure he has given Conner the hardest fights of his career.
Average Nobody
Average Nobody Today, 06:18
Nate is a rare breed. Such a warrior. It's a shame that cuts and blood are jeopardizing his future fights.
Keyshaun James
Keyshaun James Today, 06:11
ssad jtk
ssad jtk Today, 05:29
I m from Indonesia
dan Today, 04:59
11:35 did Goldberg really say “1-1?” after that second round? Mcgregor 2 knockdowns and was dominant until 1:30 left in the round
dudewithacamera Today, 03:52
Connor Mckicker 😂
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