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Cut The Match
Cut The Match 23 August 2019 23:36
The Most Spectacular Goalkeeper Saves 2019/20 -
حيدر طلال
حيدر طلال Today, 08:13
Bavinplayz 21 December 2019 11:21
Why do I get goosebumps when someone scores a late goal
BigTing 21 December 2019 11:14
Tbh it was the greatest comeback ever Tbf Luis Suarez did dive 9:10
Nacho Piorno
Nacho Piorno 21 December 2019 02:11
Despues se lo metieron en el culo ese festejo porque juventus le metió alta goleada
MACEDONIA FOREVER 20 December 2019 23:08
Justin S
Justin S 20 December 2019 22:20
This comeback was really a gift and a curse. Since then they have been on the wrong end of two incredible comebacks by Roma and Liverpool lol
Vasi Aci
Vasi Aci 20 December 2019 17:28
dark nazi
dark nazi 20 December 2019 13:32
NCT Channel
NCT Channel 20 December 2019 10:54
Ai còn xem lại k 20-12-2019
Aabaz Khadka
Aabaz Khadka 20 December 2019 08:24
Biggest robbery ever
addeos 19 December 2019 22:10
Ney save this game
Lovro Bočkaj
Lovro Bočkaj 19 December 2019 14:42
Why is it stopping for me on when neymar fall on the player on the floor
Nikhil Easaw
Nikhil Easaw 19 December 2019 12:11
Corner taken quickly ......origgiiiiiiiii
LeMan 02
LeMan 02 19 December 2019 03:47
The ref was so good he got to the TOTW on Fifa. But seriously the ref was horrible Barca was lucky
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta 18 December 2019 19:16
Barca must have sold their soul to the devil to win this game because the devil has definitely collected in the last 2 ucl knockouts against them (Roma 3-0 and Liverpool 4-0). Barca needs to pray they draw away first leg until the final because that curse is likely not finished being collected. Valverde will make sure of it.
Darihun Ryns
Darihun Ryns 18 December 2019 09:51
what a come back
Shabeer Ck
Shabeer Ck 17 December 2019 22:32
Shabeer Ck
Shabeer Ck 17 December 2019 22:31
.neymer shock the world
Julius Loponen
Julius Loponen 17 December 2019 14:17
nice vidd
Ex’s number one supporter
Ex’s number one supporter 17 December 2019 00:10
Biggest rob in UCL history
Ali Imran YT
Ali Imran YT 16 December 2019 21:23
best comeback in champions league history
Ram Prasad
Ram Prasad 16 December 2019 19:21
But people do remember Neymar for that wonderful assist
AHMAD ALIF BB 16 December 2019 15:55
aku dewa
aku dewa 15 December 2019 18:33
suka taruhan NIkitapoker88 sajabesar JPnya bisa pake pulsa
xxlnrdyn 15 December 2019 18:25
last time we do the comeback and look at our playing style then...... valverde coming
Mister Nobody
Mister Nobody 15 December 2019 13:11
With VAR Barcelona lose that match
MT EJuanX7
MT EJuanX7 15 December 2019 06:22
A eso le llaman remontada? Mejor robada😤
Aba Endek
Aba Endek 15 December 2019 04:18
Kontroversial match
Damqn Radev
Damqn Radev 14 December 2019 22:28
nostalgia has joined the chat
Justin 14 December 2019 19:14
Best comeback of all time without a doubt
Francisco Gandarilla
Francisco Gandarilla 14 December 2019 19:11
It was the greatest comeback or it was UEFAlona. What’s your guys opinion.
Neymar. Jr
Neymar. Jr 14 December 2019 15:24
mencari receh
mencari receh 14 December 2019 13:06
taruhan dengan maksimal hanaya bersama QQhokibola
Adam Podmanický
Adam Podmanický 14 December 2019 12:44
Fucking simulants.. this match is disgrace
mahmudi nightmare
mahmudi nightmare 14 December 2019 08:22
Evil_ Mastermind
Evil_ Mastermind 14 December 2019 07:40
Every Barca fan knows that deep down that this was a big robbery but i aint complaining cuz karma got them 3 times lmao
David Gabor
David Gabor 14 December 2019 06:22
And then you got stupid Liverpool fans saying that Liverpool vs barca is the best comeback ever...
Kevin Gonzalez Bravo
Kevin Gonzalez Bravo 14 December 2019 05:24
La robantada del siglo
Putrii Ayuu
Putrii Ayuu 14 December 2019 03:22
Auto comebek
Marko Petrovic
Marko Petrovic 14 December 2019 01:38
Fifa Mafia cheat arest
Marko Petrovic
Marko Petrovic 14 December 2019 01:38
Arest fifa mafia
menas varitimidis
menas varitimidis 13 December 2019 23:42
Came here before it gets recommended to me
dong li
dong li 13 December 2019 16:54
Rica Cattani Milani
Rica Cattani Milani 13 December 2019 04:57
omg 08:35 didnt remember that
Dhika Suarya
Dhika Suarya 13 December 2019 04:44
Sergi Roberto the hero, world never forget that
Eduardo de la Rosa
Eduardo de la Rosa 12 December 2019 21:42
Barça always stealing in champions League
Maksi Max
Maksi Max 12 December 2019 19:56
Sriram Sunder
Sriram Sunder 12 December 2019 18:36
Honestly Sergio Roberto's goal was an offside as an Barcelona fan even I agree to that!!
Mugabe Jongue
Mugabe Jongue 12 December 2019 17:53
So the referee was banned from playing A Fifa Champions League game ever again. Especially after giving so many fraud penalties
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